The School of Mathematics and Statistics was founded in December, 2002, and its history dates from 1930s. The school is now composed of three departments: Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Statistics, and Department of Information and Computing Science. Among the three majors for undergraduates, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is granted as National Featured Major of Chinese Higher Education, Brand-Name Major of Hubei Province, and the Major Instructed in English of Central China Normal University. The school also promotes interdisciplinary education by piloting cross-training experimental Mathematics-Physics class and Mathematics-Economics experimental class. The school possesses a mobile post-doctoral station, doctor’s and master’s authorization centers of Mathematics and Statistics. The Key Laboratory of Hubei Province in Mathematical Physics, and the Laboratory of Central China Normal University on Nonlinear Analysis are also affiliated to the school.

    Through the years, the faculty has grown into a well-balanced team in age and specialty, with the middle-aged members as its core. The School of Mathematics and Statistics now has a staff of 95, including 78 academic faculty members. The school’s 24 professors and 29 associate  professors have received a great number of research grants in recent years, including one fund for “One-Thousand-Prominent-Scholars-from-Overseas” of Chinese government, two funds for Distinguished Scholar of NSFC, two Programs for Excellent Young Scholars, and seven Programs for New Century Excellent Talents. Our academic faculty also play important roles in various programs. One professor was the member of the Subject Counselor of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; one was selected by the “Million Talents” program by The National Ministry of Personnel and seven other ministries; one was elected into the “Top-Talent”  project. These academic faculty have formed five main researc...

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